We like your enthusiasm, but we suggest visiting the residence you like before making the final decision. Till then, you can reserve your bed for just Rs. 5,000.

Whenever you’ve got time. Get In Touch with our team and they’ll schedule a visit at your convenience.

You can schedule a visit to our residences in just 5 quick and easy steps:

  • Select the property you want to visit and click on “Schedule a visit”
  • Choose the date from the available slots at your convenience
  • Provide your contact number details in contact form
  • Our team will contact you for confirmation
  • Also, in case you’re not able to go out physically, you can ask our on-ground team to set up a video tour for you.

Yes, when you sign up with us. The deposit amount would vary anywhere between 1 – 2 months’ rent depending on the property you choose.

Yes, it is. Once you complete your minimum duration of stay, the balance amount of your security deposit (after settling any dues) is all yours.

Yup, it sure is. The security deposit is a one-time fixed amount that we charge from you in addition to the monthly rent (which varies from property to property). And it’s refundable after we cutting of the maintain charge. So you get the full deposit credited right back to your bank account after 45 days from whenever you decide to move out. That is, if there are no legit reasons to make deductions against any damage or rent defaults on your end.

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No, you’ll have to pay the first month’s rent along with the security deposit to confirm your booking. After that, we’ll hand over the keys to your room and you can start availing our awesomest amenities right away.

Whoever gets there first. If your roomie happens to move in before you do, the vacant bed will be assigned to you. Fair and simple.

We offer 3 meals a day + snacks on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

We have our own trained housekeeping team to keep our residences, including your room, spick, and span. Because your time is way too precious for cleaning your own room.

That differs from residence to residence. Just go through them all on the residence page listed on our website. As long as you don’t have a stretch limousine, you’ll probably find a place with a parking area for your vehicle.